Total lenght: 16" 1/2 42 cm
Blade lenght: 10" 1/2 26.5 cm
Blade width: Approx. 1" 1/2 4 cm
Box Lenght: Approx. 17" 3/4 45 cm
Box width: Approx. 3" 3/4 9.5 cm
Suggested Retail Price (US$): $ 169

Legendary Laguiole Sabre a Champagne.
The blade is made of 440 grade stainless steel, with a Rockwell hardness of 56/54 to insure the highest quality.

Never sharpen the blade
(Unnecessary to open Champagne, since one uses the back of the blade)
Never put your Sabre à Champagne in the dishwasher.
Wipe them with a soft cloth.


 Laguiole champagne Saber

 Laguiole champagne sword

 Laguiole champagne sabers

 Laguiole champagne swords

 Laguiole champagne knife

With optional stand

 Laguiole Champagne sabre

 Champagne Saber Laguiole with Optional Stand

 Champagne Sword Laguiole with Optional Stand

 Champagne Knife Laguiole with Optional Stand

 Champagne Opener Laguiole with Optional Stand



The Only way, to Celebrate Champagne


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